Cory Cook

“Thank you for this amazing experience – I had hoped to come away with some clarity, but had no idea how specific, meaningful and relevant the insights would be. A very profound journey, I highly recommend.”


“All I can say was I was so glad my friend invited me in the end. I had such fun, but more importantly the next day, I felt alive and was not procrastinating on my work for once. Something inside of me kept telling me, everything will be ok. Thank you Mahnaz, this is the beginning of a wonderful journey.”


“Before I went on the program i was really quite unsure about what to expect. I knew I was with someone i trusted so I decided to go with it and just see what I found. At first I was a little apprehensive and wasn’t sure it was me (I’m not a ‘mover’) but despite the old routines I decided to give it a go. I was amazed to find that my body had been holding so much and it wasn’t just that i felt the release on the day but for many days afterwards. I cannot wait till the next one.”