Basil Arshad

“I got a sense of acceptance of myself, that I occupy a space on this earth with a divine right to do so, no matter what anyone says or rejects about me. Also I gained a daring and radical idea that I can smile through life, and to also feel genuinely excited about my vision for the future. I am completing my vision board and its turning out to be very smart and attractive and I’m mostly proud of it as I’ve used the Love versus Fear-based decisions distinction, and am creating something I truly want and love. I can’t wait for it to manifest!

The coaching with Mike turned out to be very powerful, which distinguished my internal anger, and diminished it. I keep thinking about it and am practising what changed for me in that moment. I’ve already since met the people I’ve been angry with (as part of a habit, for years) and I feel different and loving in my approach. Having a breakthrough in this area has been incredibly valuable for me. Right now I’m feeling very powerful and like as if anything and everything is possible, given that my long-stuck situation has experienced a movement.”

Saema Shaikh

“I really enjoyed the Sept Noorworks event and got so much out of it. A long time ago my friend and teacher told me to make sure I didn’t lose my sparkle as I travelled the road of life. Over the years the sparkle became tarnished and dull but coming to the NoorWorks event in September helped me polish up my sparkle! Mike helped me to flick a switch to return to myself. You helped me realise that I had focused on the arriving and not living in the moment, because that is all that we have. The past is a distant land which we should only glance back at now and again; the future is shrouded in a mist. But by living in the moment is what creates the future that we want. I came to understand that life is never going to be perfect, I don’t have to be perfect; I don’t have to have all the answers and I don’t have to juggle all the balls, I can put some down and life won’t come tumbling down. Alex taught me how to hug, a warm and genuine embrace, freely given from the heart. Mike and Alex were 2 wonderful and the most genuine people I have ever met. Their ability to really see a person is astounding. Thank you for including them in your team. The whole group was awesome; I am in awe of all the others who attended; I learnt so much from them. You were absolutely correct when you said that you get what you wish for. I have through out my life got some of the things I really wanted only to realise that some of those things I didn’t really want. I never ever realised this until your words made the penny drop. Your words have made me reflect and make sense of what I thought I knew and how I viewed others and life. You are an amazing person and thank you.

Both Nabila (daughter) and Mehreen (Niece) also got a lot out of it. Both are glowing with an inner light, full of confidence and sense of calm for their wonderful life ahead.”

Mehreen Qaisrani

“It was useful in many ways, it has taught me a lot and I have even put a few things that I have learnt into my life. The size of the group was good not too big and not too small, made it feel intimate and very connected. And the two days for the work shop was a good length, didn’t feel rushed or too slow. The event was really well organised”

S Ahmed

“It started me thinking positively about doing things for myself.It restored my faith in my ability to pick the right things for myself and made me realise I should listen to myself rather than others.It helped me to focus on myself. I liked the people in the group and I liked the venue and the trainers were all very supportive and provided a safe place to be yourself and took care of the details of each individual in a discreet and friendly manner.”

Haroon Qasimali

“Helping to confirm some ideas that needed more thought.”


“It helped me view things about myself with better clarity. Shed away a certain way I was viewing myself and my life Helped me attempt letting go of my past which has been preventing me from moving on. Reinstated that there is so much available and accessible in the humans we interact with”