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Asma Ahmad

Asma Ahmad Asma has worked in Post 16 Education for the last 13 years during a turbulent decade in the sector as both a manager and a facilitator of training in teaching and learning.  Her experiences have been enhanced further through studying an MA in Education Management which enabled a more specialised study of developing productive teams and quality assurance.  Asma now works as an independent Educational Consultant across London supporting Colleges to improve their overall quality and performance of provision offered to young people.   She is also involved in facilitating training to improve teaching and learning at a weekend Arabic School and also helps two charities that support the educational advancement of young children in the UK and abroad. Asma is also a qualified coach and embeds coaching frameworks into the day to day interactions with teams when working in organisations and with individuals when life coaching. The work has brought her much fulfilment, especially when the person she works with reaches a state of genuine appreciation of themselves and that moment of enlightenment!   3 facts I enjoy writing a Blog  I love to travel  I supported myself through university by working as a security...

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Rizwana Saleem

Rizwana Saleem Growing up as a Londoner was nice but also quite over-whelming with the lifestyle I had. Working 7 days a week I was balancing my 3 jobs, finishing one shift and starting another at another place. It was my daily routine for years. I became so used to it that I started to forget about what I really enjoyed. I had no time for a social life. One day I woke up and thought to myself, I need to do something with my life. I need to do what I enjoy and do it properly. I realised Massages were my strongest passion. I got told I had ‘healing hands’ by the sick and the elderly which was a big satisfaction for me.  Helping people to feel better made me feel great. I got my Business ‘Healing Secret’ started up and took my services to charity events around London where it became a great success. I had met so many amazing people in my life, and most of all, clients who opened my eyes to ‘Life Coaching’.  One of my very first clients and my very good friend now, who was an ICF accredited Coach and delivered a certified ICF Coach Trained Programme –  Mahnaz.   She had always told me I had the potential to become a life coach and I decided to take part in the courses that were run by her. I met lots of amazing people, meditated, took part in intense powerful mind activities, stayed in the room with curiosity, and left with tears of satisfaction. I had no clue what impact it would have on my life.  I wanted to be coached before I could be a coach, so I could know and appreciate it.  Initially I wanted to better myself in life, help myself to understand who I am as a person, and then help people out there in reaching their full potential. I am currently on a very exciting journey where my experiences have lead me to my dream. I work in the Middle East and through this journey I have many exciting plans, two of them: Coaching in Qatar and publishing my very first book! I enjoy sharing my experiences to empower others in living a life they love, and making everyone aware that nothing...

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Steph Davies

Steph Davis Steph is a coach, she works with a range of clients from freelancers, self-employed and business owners to people who have experienced cancer. Supporting them to get from where they are now, to where they want to be. Steph has a BA (Hons) in Fashion Communication. She started her career in trend forecasting, moved into digital marketing and quickly worked towards ‘her dream’ as a Strategic Researcher. After 8 years working towards ‘her dream’ she realised the reality didn’t match the dream and upon reflection, had been listening to her head. So she listened to her heart and quit. She became self-employed, traveled, produced Key Stage 2 reports for the Welsh Assembly, created a website and published a book whilst being funded by the Arts Council, Books Council and Kickstarter. The Ambassador of Argentina invited her to be part of a service at the Palace of Westminster and she launched her book from the House of Commons alongside the Welsh Affairs Committee. She realised anything was possible, trained as a coach and now operates from the idea that if we acknowledge that we are responsible for something, we then have full power and influence over it. 3 facts Cancer shaped her life in the most positive way Lived and worked remotely in Thailand and Argentina Was approached to deliver a TED talk, but was unfortunately...

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Shazia Nizam

Shazia Nizam Shazia is a serial entrepreneur, with a career spanning almost 20 years.   Her first job was running record label with the likes of Nitin Sawhney where she learnt everything about what it was to be entrepreneurial, how to brand, market, PR and organise a small business. Since then she has worked as a consultant, a CMO, founded a cross cultural entertainment business in India and Middle East  working with Amitabh Bachchan and now she has created a sustainable enterprise working with artisans in Pakistan. She has metamorphed through all the marketing trends from guerilla to experiential to digital and content and has run small businesses across countries and cultures.    Trained as a coach through an International Coaching Federation accredited programme, Shazia has brought her worlds together to create and facilitate collective cultural intelligence programs combining Diversity and Inclusion and Unconscious bias work with coaching to reduce misunderstanding and the notion of difference. Shazia works a Life Coach to help people see their inner wisdom and true potentials.  Working with individuals, young adults, companies and executives, Shazia helps clients see the power of thought and how they can change their trajectories. 3 facts I manage a popstar I love to travel I study and practice...

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Ghazalla Hussain

Ghazalla Hussain My biggest achievement in life by far are my four amazing children. Being a mum at a young age was challenging to say the least but I have certainly learnt and gained so much from these unique and precious relationships and still am!  Most of my working life I have been with the Civil Service and currently I am working right in the centre of democracy, the Houses of Parliament Outreach and Engagement service. Being part of a service which actively works to engage people and make them aware of how they can have their voice heard makes me feel proud to be part of an establishment that proactively promotes inclusivity. I have been involved with and volunteered in many community projects and initiatives. Serving a community that I am part of is enriching and empowering. I continue to be active in the community and also want to provide opportunities for others to experience getting involved in the community they are a part of. I am currently developing a leadership programme for 18-24 year olds, with the aim of providing them with a pool of mentors to work with on projects serving various different community groups.  I love nature and organise an annual Pennine Way challenge, with a group of walkers which include young children. Each challenge serves as a fundraising opportunity in which we have supported a number different charities around the world.  I discovered a passion of reading books recently something which I hated as a child. Whenever I would read a really good book I realised I didn’t have anyone to discuss it with! With this in mind my new hobby led me to set up a bookclub for women particularly for those who ‘just didn’t have the time to read’. It has been amazing to see this group grow and hearing the feedback that this club has reignited their love for books which they hadn’t even realised had fizzled out. I am a real people’ person which is why I believe I was led to the path of becoming a coach. It was not even on my radar and so through the divine...

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