While training an NLP module in Lasi, Romania in May 2018 I was asked if I would be interested in speaking at the NLP congress in Bucharest in October about something which I had only really understood in March this year.  
Roll back to 2014 : 
I had attending Kimberley Hares “The He’art of Thriving” course  (about the 3 principles), by invitation and something happened. I can’t explain with any clarity what changed and I had a realisation and became deeply confused inside.  By the way, that’s not a bad thing. I wasn’t able to make a decision about much and just went with the flow with what was presented to me – even when I wasn’t 100% sure if it was for me. There was very little clarity and in hindsight those 3 years are a bit of a haze. 
Roll forward to March 2017 :
Kim then invited me to come again in March and this time I felt like I’d got it. Don’t ask we what I got or how but on the second day I was filled with an incredible sense of gratitude – by simply watching a video which I would probably not have had the same response to at another time or in another place – and cried most of the afternoon with gratitude. My vision was clearer, I felt like it’d expanded inside and there was an incredible sense of presence – wholly and completely. 
Roll forward to May : 
While working with Evolution Coaching in a Romania, I saught permission from Alex and Georgie to share the 3 principles with the group on the last afternoon – and they agreed. While doing so something instantly shifted in the room. On the same evening I was asked to speak at the NLP congress and accepted. 
Now I have facilitated workshops in the past and trained and its a space I love. All I do is guide the group through exercises and offer nuggets of wisdom now and again. But it’s mostly about them getting their learning in their muscles, while creating a safe space for this to happen. But I’d never been asked to speak for 2 hours in one stretch – so it was a bit daunting. 
Ok so a speech is still about the groups learning too, but I had never spoken for 2 hours straight – ever. There’s always someone wanting to say something – and I love to listen to people. So this was now all about them listening to me. 
Roll forward to this past weekend :
And so I did it. I stood up, i started to speak and was completely in the zone. I said “I’m normally the listener, so this is new for me, I’m going to be the speaker”. And I started to speak. Don’t ask me what I said because I cannot remember most of it. There were stories, I shared experiences and just went with what came. At one point I was so overwhelmed with what I wanted to say I told the group “I want to explode with everything I want to share” and then went quiet. I spoke again, and again cannot remember what I said. What I realise in hindsight is that I was still listening. It was a deeper listening to what was coming from inside – rather than what was happening on the outside. And guess what? I ran over time and I didn’t even realise it. So all my thinking about what I would do with all that time was simply thought. 
At the end a number of people from the group came to thank me and the most memorable piece of feedback was “You weren’t doing the talking, something was speaking through you. Thank you”.  She had a beaming smile and said it matter-of-factly. And she was right. It all came from wisdom. 
So, I am learning that…
– Yes, the 3ps are principles defined in form. And they cut straight to the chase. There is no process, no thing to do, simply awareness and presence. Now and in this very moment. This way has got me closer to my wisdom than any other way I have learnt. I have a lot of tools in the toolbox, but they are there for only one level of consciousness. This downs all tools and gives me a much clearer mind. Can you imagine how liberating that is? 
– Once I opened the door to the principles a whole new world emerged. Having been in NLP, the Coaching space, and the Generative Trance arena, I realise that there are other “ways” which take you to different levels of consciousness. All of which align with all spiritual traditions and faiths (although the spiritual aspects have been lost and the levels from which most of the masses operate are consciously low – yes and that was a thought). 
– That the levels of consciousness are a reality. And we move through them all the time. We’re human. I’ve realised that NLP works with personal thoughts and has provided us ways of re-imprinting “history” amongst other things which are great and all work at the level of personal thought.  The brain is what generates that thought – our very own personal CPU (central processing unit) which has the capacity to hold our life’s experiences through our senses. And then there are other levels of consciousness – where there is less personal noise (crazy thoughts), more peace, joy and awareness. Where the answers come easier from that quiet place. Where you’re tapping into infinite intelligence in the present moment. 
Maybe if we would all just listen in times of calm, instead of trying to figure things out or fix things when things are crazy – our world may well be a different place? 
If you’re reading this, know that you also have access to your own wisdom. It isn’t outside of you. It’s inside and has always been there. We are just never taught to look there. We attend schools, we are born into societies which have ideal paths for us when we come into the world, we live in a structured society to manage the masses (and with good reason if you’re coming from small personal controlling thought) and the answers are always out there. The ideal job, the best degree, university, college, school, the perfect car, the best partner, the most wholesome nutrition, the right body, and we are never really told that we already have the answers inside.  
We always search –  outside. 
And waiting…
Trying to make “sense” of it all. 
And all the while the answer lies within. 
Always whispering. Patiently. Until we are ready to listen.