The cloud had a name, they called her Nuna, and she was generous with the village by giving plenty of water, despite many other areas being drought ridden. However one day, without any reason, the cloud slowly disappeared. As it fell down in height the entire street had now become covered in fog. Life in the town became really confusing as visibility became difficult. The inhabitants loved Nuna and were always very thankful to the Universe for her existence, but they could not understand what was going on and the hope of Nuna going back to her original state seemed far away now.

Weeks and months passed but Nuna did not move higher. The inhabitants started to resent Nuna and started to pray she would go away. Because the inhabitants did not accept the new situation they started to suffer quite badly, some of them became sick and even mad. The town was not a peaceful place anymore.  

One day a brave little girl whose parents were very angry and upset, decided enough was enough. Against the law of the town she took their 2 horses and placed her parents on top of each and they trotted off outside the town. The other town folk shouted at her – it is dangerous outside the town, and if you go you will never come back (as it happened to some other adventurous people who tried before and never returned). Despite the shouts, the little girl was determined she was going to leave, no matter what. After many days of walking in the fog, a light started to appear, and the fog slowly cleared up leading to a bright light, like gold, which shone on everything. On noticing, Cintia, the little girl, was filled with joy and started to laugh with tears flowing down her cheeks. She saw striking beauty which words could not describe. Her parents also shared the same feelings which triggered them to jump off the horses and start dancing with Cintia, whilst laughing and crying of joy. 

Now they could understand why no one had come back — the light was so amazing, bright and clear that everyone wanted to settle there, where the light shined.