Steph Davis
Steph Davis

Steph is a coach, she works with a range of clients from freelancers, self-employed and business owners to people who have experienced cancer. Supporting them to get from where they are now, to where they want to be.

Steph has a BA (Hons) in Fashion Communication. She started her career in trend forecasting, moved into digital marketing and quickly worked towards ‘her dream’ as a Strategic Researcher.

After 8 years working towards ‘her dream’ she realised the reality didn’t match the dream and upon reflection, had been listening to her head. So she listened to her heart and quit. She became self-employed, traveled, produced Key Stage 2 reports for the Welsh Assembly, created a website and published a book whilst being funded by the Arts Council, Books Council and Kickstarter.

The Ambassador of Argentina invited her to be part of a service at the Palace of Westminster and she launched her book from the House of Commons alongside the Welsh Affairs Committee.

She realised anything was possible, trained as a coach and now operates from the idea that if we acknowledge that we are responsible for something, we then have full power and influence over it.

3 facts

  • Cancer shaped her life in the most positive way
  • Lived and worked remotely in Thailand and Argentina
  • Was approached to deliver a TED talk, but was unfortunately abroad