Shazia Nizam
Shazia Nizam

Shazia is a serial entrepreneur, with a career spanning almost 20 years.   Her first job was running record label with the likes of Nitin Sawhney where she learnt everything about what it was to be entrepreneurial, how to brand, market, PR and organise a small business. Since then she has worked as a consultant, a CMO, founded a cross cultural entertainment business in India and Middle East  working with Amitabh Bachchan and now she has created a sustainable enterprise working with artisans in Pakistan. She has metamorphed through all the marketing trends from guerilla to experiential to digital and content and has run small businesses across countries and cultures. 


Trained as a coach through an International Coaching Federation accredited programme, Shazia has brought her worlds together to create and facilitate collective cultural intelligence programs combining Diversity and Inclusion and Unconscious bias work with coaching to reduce misunderstanding and the notion of difference. Shazia works a Life Coach to help people see their inner wisdom and true potentials.  Working with individuals, young adults, companies and executives, Shazia helps clients see the power of thought and how they can change their trajectories.

3 facts

  • I manage a popstar
  • I love to travel
  • I study and practice Sufism