Cherry Mathys (Bath)

“Mahnaz instinctively prompted my inner wisdom to secure a strong anchor, which I can use easily at any time”

Gregorio Capra

“I have used Mahnaz`s services for personal coaching and I have found her to be a committed and very skilled coach. She is flexible ,intuitive and experienced. During our coaching relationship I made concrete progress in the areas I choose to focus on and work with her.In particular her ability to ask original and powerful questions stand out vividly in my experience.I’m happy to recommend her coaching services”

Hanif Rehman (Yorkshire)

“I have had an excellent opportunity to be coached by Mahnaz who has inspired me to lead a life that is more rewarding and full of excitement. Her approach is warm, welcoming and allows an individual to reach their goals in life, whatever they may be.

I would strongly recommend to anyone who wants to reach a positive difference in life, whether it is to attain success in love, career, finance or any other field, to attend a coaching session with Mahnaz. Commit yourself to the program and you are seriously changing your life for the good! Thank you Mahnaz for making the difference to my life and allowing me to touch the stars”

Mohamed Kamara Bsc (London)

“I have had the pleasure and privilege of being personally coached by Mahnaz. I have benefited from her loving demeanour, patience, listening skills, courage and commitment amongst many of her attributes which makes her a great human being. She brought out the best in me and was pivotal in supporting me to turn one of my dreams into a tangible community project in a London school. I still refer to her as ‘Coach’ as it is acknowledgement for her contribution to me and my life. Thank you Mahnaz for assisting me in making a difference.”

O. Otudeko (London)

“I can’t really put into words what impact my time spent with Mahnaz has had on my life – I can try but I might not do it justice.


My journey with Mahnaz started in a cafe with two cups of tea, a piece of paper and a pen. I was in a place in my life where I can honestly say I felt like there was not much point to anything anymore. I spoke to Mahnaz, laid all my cards on the table and explained to her my circumstances something I wouldn’t normally do after meeting someone for the first time in a coffee shop but I felt instantly at ease and able to confide in Mahnaz!


Our first session lasted an hour and with my feeling of hopelessness I laughed when Mahnaz told me what I could achieve because frankly I could not see beyond where I was at that point!


Mahnaz explained to me how we would work and reassured me that the structure of the session and what happened during it was entirely in my hands. At that point, I really felt that my hands could not do anymore – but so the journey began!


I can mention a few turning points but the truth is from where I was to where I am now although it was a journey and I was at the driving wheel I felt that I had the best driving instructor I could imagine. I manoeuvred around my obstacles without knowing, subconsciously absorbing all the lessons each session and by the end was equipped with essential life tools that I can only term as priceless!


My key learnings from the session include allowing myself to be present and be in the present moment – if you talked to me a few weeks ago I would have recounted the past and lamented about what a doomed future I was walking into. But over time, I realise I have all the tools within me to make of my future what I want from it. However, I fully understand the future is the future and right now I am here and present to what’s around me.


I am more aware and connected and feel the most balanced I’ve felt in my whole life. Every time I try to thank Mahnaz to tell her how much of an impact she had on my life she said it was all me its the work I put in and yes that is very true as is in most aspects in life – you get out what you put in! I am extremely proud to have gone through the deliverables / goals set at the beginning and either achieved what I set out to do or realised my priorities have shifted and I have allowed myself to be present!


I cannot emphasise how much I have achieved and continue to achieve through my sessions with Mahnaz. When I started I felt I needed to hold a hand (Mahnaz’s hand) and not let go … now I realise the invisible hand I am holding is all the lessons and tools Mahnaz has equipped me with and for that I will be forever grateful.


Thank you Mahnaz for opening my eyes to the beauty around and within me. I am certain through Mahnaz there surely will be many more lives touched – irrespective of who you are, where you are at, what you want – Mahnaz is truly there for people who like me only need that guidance and opportunity to let that light shine.”