Aalia Ussmane

“A course like none I’ve been on before in the self/personal development sector. It’s authentic, organic and soulful. The flow is amazing and the number of break throughs will surprise you”

Nadeem Ahmad
“Discovery of oneself”
“It changed my life and helped me through a journey of in-depth and subtle Self Discovery”
Ionela Dumea
“The whole program changed me in a way that I’m not aware of entirely. I Can’t explain myself what shifted but I know it was in a deep manner. I signed up for achieving a certificate and I got a lot more than that. Whatever expectation I had before the course, the facts and reality went far beyond it. I can only be deeply grateful for this course in people’s lives. It really makes a difference meeting people who are 100% for making a difference in anyones life”
Huma Ghaffor
“The course was effective, powerful, helpful, knowledgable. It is very powerful and practical which keeps you focused and in the moment.”
Nahila Hussain
“It is a life changing course, you discover so much more to yourself. At the end you are not the same person that entered the room on the first day. You discover your real self”
Farah Bhatti
“Life changing. I have realised that the solutions are simple and within us all”
Nazra Zuhyle

“This is just what I needed at this stage of my life. I no longer feel like I am at a crossroads and I have a clear idea of what I want to do going forward and what’s more is that I have a great set of tools to use. Met some pretty amazing people on this journey too. You don’t have to want to become a coach to do this course. It’s a course that will take you on a journey into yourself.”

Emma Hammond

“My experience was like receiving a gift that I didn’t know I wanted/needed. I have gained a great deal of peace and a more defined sense of self through participating. I am not sure where the journey will take me but where ever it does go, I know it will be an important addition to my understanding into human nature. ”

Steph Davies

“On the practical side, I’ve leant about awareness, listening, observing, questioning and confidence. Tapping into the centre of self. This course was like travelling to another country that you hadn’t researched – not knowing what to expect, trusting that what would come would be of the best and highest quality. Every corner you turn theres another gem that will take you to a special space. No expectations – Just turn up. See what comes. What an awesome journey with a special group of ladies – I couldn’t ask for more. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better outcome/journey/learnings, if you’d asked. ”

Ghazala Hussain

“My overall experience was like letting go of a balloon in the air and seeing it flying away. Coaching was not even on my radar. I didn’t know what it was, really. But I see this as something everyone should experience. There is so much to gain either as a client or a coach.”

Asma Ahmad

“I have taken part in other coaching programmes over the years during my time as a manager in education but I have been moved by the delivery of this training and the course. I have a heightened level of self awareness and a set of skills and competencies to build a successful coaching practise. This course has also been an awakening of the soul!”

Shamela Kylassum

“The core competencies are a great check list, and some of the NLP exercises were new. My overall experience was like a journey into what is excellence.”

Rizwana Saleem

“My entire experience was like a crazy rollercoaster. A journey which has changed  my thinking! Insights – a journey with people I had never met before, a journey I will never forget. ”

Sudha Patel

“My personal highlight in the course, was learning to “shut up”. I found it the most complete training with practice and practice and has been a journey of new learnings. It has been like opening a door to * New Beginnings * ”

Naj Afshar

“The most useful part of the course was recognising the power of values, for me. The course has been a journey of discovery and curiosity.”

Navid Bhatti

“The highlights for the course were meeting new people, learning new skills and becoming more confident.  Powerful questioning, Coaching presence, Active listening and direct communication are the core competencies which will be very useful for me as a coach. I have realised that you can control and do anything.”

Yasmene Shah

“I have really enjoyed the course and have learnt a lot about myself and Coaching. I feel I have the tools to be a Coach and am now curious enough to help people to get to a place of peace. It has been a revelation! I have leant that the answer to problems lies within every one of us. Coaching gives us this key to unlock this potential. The last 6 months have been like an awakening.”

Noor Shahzad

“The last 6 months have been stop and start, but whenever I have walked into the session I have learnt so much about myself and others. One of the highlights was creating a space for vulnerability. The Core competencies which stood out for me were Active Listening and Trust and Intimacy ”

Saema Shaikh

“This is my second round and following on from the first training I started to believe in myself as a coach in the first session. A real shift in my belief. The course has been empowering and freeing and I feel like I have started a new journey. I feel like I have gained in my own confidence in all areas of my life. ”

Ambreen Pervez

“The highlights of the course for me were gaining confidence, self empowerment and development. It was a journey for me. I adopted new strategies and failed and learnt. I was challenged many times and I’ve learnt about my strengths and weaknesses. I would definitely recommend this course, it’s been fantastic ”

Ana-Maria Ilie

“I learnt about the power of a “laid back” approach (trust that people have the resources), the multitude of approaches and experience of the facilitators involved was very useful and there was a lot of practise on self and others. The course was like a rollercoaster, exciting and scary and going through different states of mind.”

Baber Siddiqi

“The 3 main things I received from the course were to trust ‘not knowing’, a realisation of self and ability validation and the novel approach of the course. The course is an opening of so many possibilities”

Sakeena Adamjee

“I had a realisation of the relationship between language, the body and mind. The course created an emerging shift to trust myself and fear less. It has been magical just to be here amongst all the sessions and the participants. The course was like opening a door to an authentic heart space.”

Diana Morosanu

“I had many ‘AHA’ moments. The course helped me mature and become more aware of my own skills. It was like the beginning of a new life – The phoenix effect!”

Shazia Nizam

“The course was like diving off a cliff, floating through the air and plunging into the warm sea full of beautiful sealife. Then we were swimming and discovering all that the sea has to offer. We haven’t seen all but now we know how to look. That is what the course taught me. ”

Saema Shaikh

“All of the Facilitators/Resource team were fantastic and fitted into the sessions seamlessly. I gained lots of knowledge and they shared their knowledge and experience freely”

Aamna Khokhar

“I learnt what Coaching really means, connecting to my body and how I would use that with my clients.  I discovered so much more about myself”

Laila Gadd

“The highlights for me were your sense of ease, warmth and inclusivity, the safety and power of the group and it’s transformation, and the NLP techniques”