This certified course has been designed for those who wish to learn about coaching, and to become professional practising coaches. Or for those who simply want to develop themselves. Our International student base are from diverse backgrounds.  We have facilitated the development of executives, managers, writers, poets, entrepreneurs, therapists, educators and artists (Delegate Experience).

The coursework focuses on Self Leadership, supporting the students in becoming more aware of how they work in the role of client and coach. 80-90% of the learning is practical hands on experience.

What else does the course offer?

1. For those who do not have a background in NLP, we also offer some optional lunchtime session which cover the learning and practise of an NLP technique. This is to supplement the coaching and provides extra tools to enhance the Coaching practise. These sessions are facilitated by certified NLP Associates (UK Only). 

2. Between the last 2 modules, we will have a day of practise with a community project somewhere in the UK. This gives coaches – who by this stage are competent practitioners  – a chance to practise their skills whilst giving back to the community (UK Only).
NB – This is optional & travel costs are not included 

3. The course is run over 10 days over a set period of time. Delegates continue the learning and practise of coaching in between modules

4. All students will be welcome to join the NoorWorks Coaching Circle, to continue practise once the training is complete. This circle may also include qualified and experienced Coaches

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