It’s illogical.

Being STILL has made so much happen. Effortlessly. And it has been amazing and productive. 

Partly this has been forced due to my leg injury. And partly because I have become more aware of my own personal thinking.

And as a result I have now relaxed more into my own natural, innate well-being.

And from here wisdom and well-being really does flow:

  1. I am more open and less ingrained in my old thinking patterns.
  2. I have less judgement about myself and others.
  3. I accept that this moment is really all I will ever have.
  4. I accept the world as it is.
  5. The quality of my interactions with people is either much more joyful or deeper. 
  6. I sleep better because the sleep I have is enough and I am no longer judging the sleep or quality of it.
  7. I do not feel the need to be travelling as much and love being at home.
  8. I eat more home made food.
  9. I eat less and drink more water (although this may be due to summer 😉 ).
  10. I spend less money.
  11. Meetings I was anxious about are now just whatever they will be when I get there.
  12. I have no to-do lists – only a diary.

My actions are now more aligned with who I am, and less from the necessity to do something based on what I or others “think”. 

The only things which makes me “do” something come from the inside and it feels like inspiration. A natural pull.

And I still feel anger, pain, sadness and anxiety.  They just don’t last as long. Once I’m aware, I’m done.  I am human. 

I feel more connected.

I feel love.  

And we all have this.

Do you want to receive this understanding?

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