We never know what’s going to happen until it’s come to pass. 2018 has been a year of incredible insights and unexpected progress. With lots of letting go, new adventures, connections and taking a path less travelled. A year which has been personally challenging, liberating and exciting all at the same time. I’ve learnt, once again, that amongst all of the chaos of life we all have our own personal compelling pathways – which only ever show up in the moment.

2018 has seen the completion of our 4th round of the NoorWorks Coaching Training programme. But this year was different. We stripped the ICF accreditation to make it less about “labels” and more about the spirit of personal alignment. It was a tough corner to turn and I’ve subsequently come to realise that it was the right move. To support those who attend the course to be driven by their own personal passions (inside out), to become more effective leaders in their own lives and to bring them more authentically into our world. The labels associated with the profession are clearly the things which drive people to want more, thereby adding another layer to what is and has already been here all along – Innate Wisdom. We also had the honour of having Judith Delozier share some of her wisdom with the group – Thank you, Judy.

I am grateful as the NoorWorks coaching community has been growing. It has also been incredibly fertile in a number of areas. We have seen 3 babies and a set of triplets come into the world. A set of twins and 2 other little ones have also been conceived – we look forward to welcoming them into the world. We have also seen a couple of house moves, job changes, a divorce and an engagement, businesses flourish, books written, and last but not least, authentic one-to-one coaching interventions bringing about incredible change for private clients.

We also began the delivery of our Coaching Programme in Karachi, Pakistan. Shazia Nizam, one of our coaches/facilitators, has done an incredible job of marketing and delivering the programme in Karachi. We look forward to hearing from the delegates when the programme ends later this month. From what I hear, it has been incredibly powerful. Well done, Shazia!

My contribution to the growing coaching community in Romania continues with Evolution Coaching Systems . We have had an incredible year in Bucharest, Iasi, and a new city – Timișoara. The randomness of each session and the incredible wisdom of the group blows me away every time. Georgiana and Alexandru, Thank you.

One of the things which has become apparent to me this year, is the power of creation from wisdom. The compelling pull to bring something new into the world. We all have many ideas on what to bring into the world and we all too often get stopped by – us! So to celebrate my 10 year anniversary of working in Romania, Georgiana and I created “The 7 Days”. An open creative space for natural evolution to take place in a safe and loving environment. It was truly magical. Connections, conversations, collaborations and explorations – inside and out. We have been asked to run another in 2019, so let’s see.

The Discovery Space

Our Wider Community Initiative In terms of our wider community, The Discovery Space  has evolved beautifully thanks to our coaches. We now have 2 Open Discovery Space sessions run in Waltham Forest (Walthamstow and Chingford) run by myself and a third run for people who have been through cancer by Steph Davies – who has also successfully delivered a funded coaching programme. Well done, Steph and thank you for your dedication to people who have been through cancer. Asma Ahmad also ran a successful session for people with cancer in Greenwich.

We are also in the throes of planning another Discovery Space which will be dedicated to The Borough of Culture later this month. The Discovery Space is also set to run regularly in a High School in Chingford – which we are very much looking forward to.

The Discovery Space is also being run in Harrow for 18-25 year olds and celebrated its first year in December 2018 – a lovely space created by Ghazalla Hussain. Thank you for your passion with young people, Ghazalla! As well as your passion towards personal empowerment.

Qatar will be our first international Discovery Space, which will be run by Rizwana Saleem. We are very excited to see what comes.

S.I.C.K (Social Initiative to Change the Kulture) One of the things which comes from the Discovery Space are ideas. Through conversations with some incredible young people SICK was created. An initiative which was designed and created collaboratively with young people for young people. The goal was to run an event and along the way some personal empowerment sessions took place with the intention of getting them to facilitate sessions in schools. Thank you to all who were involved! These young people want more. Let’s see!

So what’s next from NoorWorks for 2019?

Visionary Leadership Programme

Our year long Visionary Leadership Programme begins on Saturday January 19th. A 5 day programme with a difference! See the video below for a taste of the experience from some of our incredible delegates from our 2018 programme.

Click here for details of our next programme.



NoorWorks Coaching Programme

Our 10 day Coaching Programme spans 10 days over 5 months and begins on Saturday 6th April, 2018. The course takes place in Russell Square, London. Some of our wonderful delegates from our 2018 programme share their experience below.

Click here  for details of our 2019 programme.



The Seven Days

Our 7 day creative retreat was a celebration of 10 years of work in Romania. Space and time to create anything. We had books, poems, businesses, sharing of wonderful ideas and skills. The space was purely organic in nature in the beautiful Romanian mountains. Details of experiences can be found below. Stay tuned for our next 7 days experience.


If you would like to speak with me about any of our programmes, do feel free to get in touch.

With best wishes for the all of your tomorrows