F Bhatti

“A week that will change your health and vitality forever”


“Mahnaz created a space to be yourself and easily participate in workshops, the juices were delicious and really something i could take back home with me. Although i found it difficult to cope with the healthy food during the week, i came back feeling re-energised and fresh…I would recommend it to people who want to re-educate their palate, get out of unhealthy eating habits and get a sharper focus.”

B Arshad

“Very surprising results at this detox retreat, as I arrived from the UK with a basic concept of what was to happen. Instead I was hugely impressed as a participant and many opportunities were offered for me to indulge in being kind to myself, my body and my soul.  Also had the opportunity to let go of some nagging issues in my life.  This was coupled with an amazing scenery and ambience to the surrounding environment which allowed for the shifts in my thinking to take place.

The detoxing aspects, especially the raw juicing, raw food, yoga, colonic, exercise, massage, coaching. Lots of opportunity for my body to experience something so beneficial yet unusual.

I 100% recommend this retreat to others!”